At times we get enquiries where it is not possible to take on an engagement with the full band line up.
This is usually due to space or budget restrictions.

With this in mind, we can now also offer a new two man show…
Featuring the frontman and sax player, Ultimate Madness II is now established as an alternative for the smaller venue.

The two Jasons offer a slightly different show covering all of your Madness favourites and one or two Dangermen tracks too.
…also including the “Mad Half Hour” where the boys cover songs from The Specials, Bad Manners and The Beat.

Audience participation is of course encouraged throughout, with a guarantee to get the crowd dancing and singing to the Nutty Sound !

Where space at the venue is plentiful, a 16k JBL line array system, lighting, stage prop furniture, banners and
backdrops are available at all times…(including the car !).
Backing tracks used within the show have been recorded with the help of the guys in the band and produced in house.