Frequently Asked Questions

1/Do you supply a sound system if i require the band for an event ?

A/Yes a 16k jbl sound system is supplied by us included in the price,which can cater up to 600 people comfortably.

2/How far do you travel do a show.

A/The band are Midlands based but travel the whole of the uk,past gigs include Jersey,Holland and more recently Cork in Ireland.

3/ I wish to book the band for an event is it best to book the band from this site or an agent,what will be  difference.

A/ A large proportion of our gigs are booked off this site however we do work through a few select agencies.On a whole booking through an agent the band will be 15-20% more expensive as a whole,which is the standard agency fee.For peace of mind a contract will still be issued if you book off this site or through an agency,so very little difference rather than the fee.Hope this answered your question.